Weave Artisan Society - Our Story

Housed in an old ice factory that has been abandoned for the past couple of decades, this premises used to be one of the major ice manufacturers and suppliers of the community around Wua Lai. But since its decommissioning, the building have been left untouched. Over the years, it has taken on a life of its own, particularly in the courtyard, where nature have truly taken over. 

Upon stumbling across the property, our first objective was to preserve this old sense of charm and authenticity. Recognizing the great potential the space contained and what it could become, we were inspired to reactivate it and to give the old building a new lease of life, albeit in a context that befits the story of the building, and of the local community itself. 

Weave first and foremost is created as a community space; merging the historical context of the site in Wua Lai as both a crafts epicentre and a creative crossroad, we then developed the idea of a place that bring together the different strands of the creative community of the city under one roof; hence the name Weave. We are inspired to create a space where local artisans, that include artists, craftsmen, designers, makers and the wider creative community to exchange and trade their skills and knowledge; just like the markets surrounding the site. 

For our customers, we provide a process driven space where they can immerse themselves and discover the hidden stories which we believe is an important aspect of artisan culture. A visit to Weave is not only to see the artisans at work, but also to learn, participate and engage with the design and making processes itself. 


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Besides providing a platform for local artisans and designers, Weave Artisan Society is also a multifaceted design studio that is actively engaging in design production. We specialise in collaborating with local artisans and craftsmen, by synthesising their knowledge, skills and expertise with regional and international design projects. Our designs range from industrial and product, to spatial installations and large scale interior and architectural projects.

We work closely with our in-house design and production team, which include industrial designers, architects and craftsmen, in doing so, we can fully customise our designs to suit our client’s tastes.





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