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About us

Weave is a multifaceted design studio come process driven creative venue located in Wua Lai, a historically significant crafts community in Chiang Mai. We’ve set out to explore and showcase local and regional craft, design and cultural experiences, with a specific aim that focused in unravelling the hidden stories behind design and craftsmanship.

Weave offers an unique and unparalleled place that is both a destination and a journey of discovery in itself, as it celebrates a culture that enliven our lives.


What Weave Offer

Our day-time program offer customers a place of interaction, respite and stimulation through craft workshops, art exhibitions and a host of design and lifestyle orientated experiences. These include a speciality artisanal coffee atelier, florist, concept store and selected book store specialising in art, design and architecture.

Furthermore, we’ve also partnered up with a closely knit community of local and regional artisans that will act as hosts for events and courses, where the venue become a platform for them to express their stories. At night the space transforms into an events venue where artisans can explore their creativity through an immersive and engaging performance setting.


Reserve Your Space

Weave Artisan Society offers a truly flexible venue that is ideal for a range of creative events in an urban setting. From corporate to private events, whether it’s an exhibition, private dinner, wedding party or product launch, our venue can accommodate up to 200 standing guests or 150 sitting guests including the mezzanine space. Due to the industrial finish of the space, our clientele have the choice to fully transform the space to their desire, we also have our very own carpenter and building team to meet your building needs.

Our F&B team can also provide food and beverage requirements, and we’re also open to experiment and explore new food and drink concepts.